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Hi Gabe and Izzy:
I really enjoyed your web page. I went to Mott College with your Mom, Rhonda. I was truly touched by your willingness to share your story and I look forward to watching it on Animal Planet. I wish you all of the happiness in the world, you deserve it.
Debbie Uhlian

posted by Debbie U on December 29, 2003 03:07 PM

I was not aware of ataxia until I came across the name of the ailment while reading the newspaper. During my research to learn more about it, I came across your web page and find it truly an inspiring story. From my family to yours (including Izzy) happy holidays and may you continue to inspire all people.

posted by Samantha L. on December 18, 2003 10:02 PM

hi gabe this is jessy i saw your story and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Jessy on December 15, 2003 04:30 PM

hi gabe you are the best


posted on December 14, 2003 02:17 PM

you were at my bsip class with mr.Ford and you are truly an inspiration to me and the whole world.

posted by quaeunda on December 8, 2003 09:51 AM

Well, i watched the story about you and izzy on Animal Planet and all i have to say is...Wow! It was a very awesome story. Your Mom was not fibbing when she told me what an inspiration you are to her, and i see, with my own eyes, that you are an inspiration to everyone as well. You truly are an extraordinary woman! It would be my pleasure to converse with you sometime. I've been known to be on AOL AIM from time to time, so, if you want to IM me my screen-name is jimi g23 Maybe we can chat one of these nights. Fight the good fight and persevere in order to win the prize! God bless you guys, James

posted by jimi-g on December 7, 2003 08:44 PM

hi im karrla and im 31 i have had ataxui for 7 years now so your story
really hit home

posted by karla g. on December 7, 2003 02:52 PM

Hi Gabe & Izzy. Just saw your story on Animal Planet and I am so touched at what an amazing and strong person you are and how loving (and absolutely adorable) Izzy is! Keep up the good work, and I'll be sure to check your website in the future for any updates. Good luck with Izzy's test!

posted by Nicole on December 5, 2003 04:42 PM

I am a biology teacher and used your story with my students. I told them about your program to be aired on Animal Planet and we were a little disappointed b/c we weren't going to be out of school yet when it aired. As luck would have it, we in Virginia got dumped on by snow and I got to see your story. How great :) Blessings to you and an ear scratch for Izzy.

posted by Denise on December 5, 2003 04:15 PM

Gab I hope you read all of these mails? You have more friends than you know. I am a disabled Vet. I went from being a superman to getting over the boredom of being a turtle in some cases. I have recently got into yoga and found some muscles I had forgot about. I am a hard headed guy and I would not allow myself to be in a wheel chair also, but in some cases you need that little extra getting around. Heck now they have the cool scooters ya can jam around in.. So keep up what you are doing and life works it way out. Izzy is your guiding light you may not see that bright light yet but you will... Dave

posted by Dave on December 5, 2003 03:32 PM

Great website I think it is wonderful. Someone definitely took some time to develope it. Great job keep up the good work. Love always, your best friend.

posted by Amanda on November 27, 2003 01:48 PM

hey, what is happenin Gabe-n-Izzy? My name is James and i go to church with your parents, at the Freedom Center. They are really cool and I really enjoy talking with your mom. We have had several clases together and she loves to mention how awesome you and Izzy are, and how you inspire her. It is really cool to see how God has blessed you guys and given you all strength and optimism! (James 1:17-"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.") I am planning on watching you and Izzy the 5th and cant wait! I missed the other dates, so i had to program it into my phone...Its hard to believe that my cell phone is what keeps me organized, haha! And it even has a camera!!! Maybe you and Izzy can swing by Soul Desire one of these Thursday nights, we would love hang out with you guys! Feel free to email me if you want, James

posted by jimi-g on November 22, 2003 11:55 PM



posted by Madeline on November 22, 2003 08:24 PM

Hi Gabe, I'm a 26 yr old who currently lives in NYC. I moved here from Nebraska 5 years ago, and this will be my last few weeks here. Today, I was diagnosed w/ FA. I feel a sense of relief for finally knowing what has been causing all sorts of problems for the past 9 years. But, at the same time scared b/c there is no cure. Leaving NY will be hard, but thank god I have family who is there to support me and help out the best they can! If anyone else has anymore info, or resources please let me know. Thanks, Jamie =)

posted by Jamie on November 19, 2003 05:07 PM

Hi Gabe,My daughter has Sca and I came across your story by bringing up the N.A.F.
I will be watching your story on the 5th of Dec.I told my daughter to watch it too.She has had the disease for about 10 years.She has blonde hair and looks like YOU.She has 2 cats,but is very stubborn about using her walker and cane.I think she is in denial alot.Were You? Im always afraid of her walking because of broken bones in the past.I hope the story will inspire,Im sure it will.

posted by Linda on November 18, 2003 02:39 PM

Hi Gabe and Izzy,
thank you for sharing your touching story. As a medical student, you have put a face and pulse behind medical facts and figures I've put to memory. I wish I could give more solace in my words, but give Izzy a pat on the head for me, and give me a mail anytime.

posted by Arash on November 18, 2003 12:07 AM

Hey Gabe. I love your site. The pictures are great!! I just sent Lindsay the link for your site, and she is on it now. I hope to see ya soon and don't forget to save for our NYC trip!!! Love You. ~Tracy~

posted by Tracy on November 10, 2003 10:47 PM

Gab,Great site! We'll be watching animal planet again in December. We love ya and we're proud of you.You've touched alot of lives. So keep it going. Love Uncle steve

posted by uncle steve on November 10, 2003 01:36 PM

Your mom was in Walmart the other day and talking to me and another cashier about you and I could see the pride in her eyes every time she said your name. After reading your story I can see why. You are one remarkable young lady. I wish nothing but the best for you and Izzy.

posted by Faith on November 8, 2003 08:05 PM

Hello Gabrielle,

What a great real life story!! A wonderfull inspiration for disabled people of all ages. I know exactly where you are coming from. A am a 35 yr old Canadian diagnosed with FA 4 years ago. I am a true animal lover. To the extent that when I travel to poorer parts of the world, I carry dog treats and cat food. People laugh at me too. I have two cats that I would be so lost without. They are my life!!I have even moved them with me from Canada to Hong Kong where I am currently residing. I wish I could see the AP, but we do not get it here.

posted by Debra on November 6, 2003 09:55 AM

Dear Gabe and Izzy,
Thank you for sharing your incredibly touching story! I'm Sean Nasri's cousin and am so honored to be able to get a glimpse of how courageous and strong you are. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all :)

posted by Laleh Mitchell on November 6, 2003 01:15 AM

You truly are an inspiration!
My sister was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor when she was 20 yrs. old. Within one year she was blind & in a wheelchair. That was in 1974. She is still alive today living in a group home in MN. She was recently diagnosed with ataxia, which has taken away so much. She can no longer hold the telephone to talk, her favorite past time. She is lonely too, her friends over the years forgetting about her.
Do you have a foundation or resources to
have a tape (VHS, CD format) that a person can get of your showing on the Planet channel? She does not have cable access.
Thanks again for the inspiring story!
You are a beautiful girl! And Izzy...what a fighter!
Jami Jo

posted by jami on November 3, 2003 12:23 PM

Hey Gabe, thank you so much for doing this and being so brave :) I am a 22 year old senior nursing major at UVM, and the day after the october show all my friends came up to me and were like "oh my god, that is just like you". I was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia last year. So, thank you for being you- you have many fans who are all inspired by you!!

posted by Mary on October 29, 2003 02:24 PM

Hi Everyone - just wanted to let you know that the site will be updated this weekend with a lot of new content and possibly a fresh, new design! Also, please be aware that if you post spam it will be deleted immediatly as I constantly monitor this page. Keep the great comments coming!

posted by Brandon on October 23, 2003 05:44 PM

Hi! I just wanted to say that your website is very touching and I plan to watch your story on AP next time it airs. I'm a student nurse and came across your site while researching ataxia in order to prepare for tomorrows client. It's always great to be reminded that there is so much more to a person than just an illness or disability, etc. that they may have. Best of luck in all you do!! You are a great inspiration. ~April~

posted by April on October 22, 2003 09:18 PM

Dear Gabriel, I learned about your documeatary while at the NIH in MD. My 9yr. old daughter was there for the "Idebenone" trial. She was diagnosed with FA in May of this year. I didn't know if I could actaully make it through your program. I was scared to see what my baby might become, but somehow I found the strength and I was glad I did. You are a remarkable young woman and you give me hope for my angel. May God bless you and yours. Sincerely, Bambi Kelly (NY)

posted by Bambi K. on October 21, 2003 07:47 PM

My father has atoxia, I hope he will enjoy
reading and watching the both of you.

posted by Nancy H. on October 21, 2003 12:29 PM

Hello, first of all, I would like to say that you are beutiful, just like my aunt, she also had fredrichs ataxia. I know exactly what you are going through. I just want to say to you, that throughout your life, there are many things people are going to learn from you and the disease you have. Patience is one of the most important ones. You are welcome to email mail me anytime you like, I would be happy to talk to you, and my heart is with you.

posted by Jill on October 13, 2003 09:58 PM

Hey! The site looks fabulous.....just posting for posting's sake.:)

posted by Paul on October 8, 2003 01:36 AM

hello gabrielle& izzy, I watched your show on pet story this morning with my mom we were both inspired by your strength and courage.Im 32 yrs old and i have aa disability that causes me balence problems and muscle weekness and i know how you feel by rejection from people but remember there are many people out there that love you just the way you are. I have a german shepard hes 3 yrs old and i cannot work any more but he keeps me going his name is "noah" I would love to talk with you and keep in touch because we have a very simalar situation and its nice to have support... looking foward to hearing from you soon. God bless you and your family .....love kathy

posted by kathy on October 1, 2003 03:59 PM

Hello Gabrielle, I just watched the show on animal planet. I watch it alot.
I felt your pain that you had hiding behind your smiles. I too have been through a very very hard time in my life and still fight it daily. I would like to talk with you if you might be interested in a friend. I hope things are going good for you and Izzy. Maybe I'll send you an Email if thats ok?
Well take care and hope to talk to you later.

posted by William on September 30, 2003 05:09 PM

Gabe, I just watched the incredible story of you and Izzy on the AP channel. Both of you are an inspiration. I currently have a mild form of ataxia, which I think is from an inner ear dysfunction of some sort. No official diagnosis yet, just lots of bruises from walking into stuff and falling down! I also deal with some depression, but I have my own furry heroes. I have 2 cats named Scamper and Columbo, who love me and need me no matter what. They keep me going on the tough days.

You and Izzy are remarkable. In the face of dark circumstances, you offered your story, and hope, to a huge number of people. You deal with your situation with poise and dignity. Your attitude is a wonderful example for those who have ataxia. Yours is a wonderful purpose in life, and your ministry (and Izzy's of course) is a powerful one. God bless you and your family.

Hugs from KS

posted by PJ M on September 30, 2003 04:20 PM

I was so touched by your story and I just want to say that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Feel free to write back anytime that you have the time. I'd absolutely love to hear from you. You are a true champion.


posted by Mark on September 30, 2003 03:43 PM

Hi Gabe,

Miss you and hope to see you soon. I like your web site.

Love, Uncle Bob

posted by Uncle Bob on September 26, 2003 08:28 PM

Hey Gabey,

Your new website is awsome!! I see you are going to be on Animal Planet up through December. I'm sure the show will be on in 2004 as well!! Love ya lots!!!!

posted by Aunt Linda on September 26, 2003 08:27 PM

howdy all! I am kellie am 24 about to finish college with 2 ba's and i have a mild form of ataxia they think but was not told so till my senior year of high school. I am betting the odds because they say i should have been in a wheelchair before high school but i didnt use any thing till 2000 when i broke my ankle up at college and now have to use a cane which i hate but atleast i only have to use it when i am outside. Anyway i cant wait to see your story. gob bless from texas. Also never let them say it cant be done.

posted by kellie j on September 24, 2003 06:01 PM

Gabe, I have a 23 year old son named Alex who was diagnosed with FA at age 13. He has used a w/c since age 14 and like you, he continues to persevere. My Dad used to raise black and tan coonhounds when I was growing up and I also have a fondness for the breed. I remember going hunting with him when I was about 10 or 12 and feeling totally dwarfed by all the trees(Daddy carried me "piggy-back" for a long portion of that trek)...but I loved hearing the dogs "treeing". Nothing like the sound of a pack of hounds!!!

Best wishes to you and Izzy and God Bless you!!!


posted by Margie on September 23, 2003 03:34 PM

hey, great site!! I too love animals, they're the greatest things in the world...they make better friend than most people.

posted by brooke on September 23, 2003 12:45 PM

Hey Gabe, who would have ever thought how great a decision it would be to search animal planet until we were able to get in touch with each other. You have made a difference in my life... ok ok, you and your mom, and ol droopy ears, and all the other characters.. including Scooter, that make your life so amazing and who make me so fortunate to have met you. You're such a positive and strong person, and damn, you have a good taste in music too girl! I'm excited that Samji will also get to meet a special dog, maybe Iz can teach her not to chew on furniture!

I've gotta tell you Gabe, you're leaving beautiful footprints that no one who has the pleasure of meeting you will ever forget...

posted by Sean Nasri on September 22, 2003 01:30 AM

Hi Gabe,

I just got your note. The site is great.

I'll be watching for future developments.

Talk to you Kiddo,


posted by Michael C. B. on September 20, 2003 08:23 PM

gabe & izzy,
thanks for giving so openly
i have ataxia and look forward to your inspiring story
you go, girl!

posted by pamela on September 15, 2003 09:27 PM

The website looks great! Nice job Brandon.
Gabe and Rhonda I look forward to seeing you when you come to California. All the best!

posted by Catayoon Z. on September 10, 2003 11:47 AM

Nice Page, you...three. Looking forward to the rest. I am marking my calander for Animal Planet, I watch it often and always think of you, even when it is not you feature. :)
I am off to walk my dog, he is giving me that look....you know...come on!
Denise big smile :)

posted by Denise D-L on September 9, 2003 09:56 AM

Hi! I have ataxia. I can't wait to see you and Izzy on tv. God Bless!

posted by Dawn on September 8, 2003 11:37 PM