You just never know…

What an eventful afternoon I had speaking to the Kiwanis group last month, all because I stopped to pick up a few items at the Wegmans Food & Pharmacy Store. While there, one of the Kiwanis members spotted the jacket I was wearing that featured our “Gabe & Izzy Youth Inspirational Speaker” logo with our web address, stitched on the back.

Later in the day, I received a phone call from the person who saw me sporting my Gabe and Izzy jacket. Her name was Debbie and informed me she is a committee member of the local Kiwanis. Explaining how she got my contact information, she invited me to speak at their next meeting. Without hesitation, I said YES!!

And there I am, in front of the Kiwanis members; my heart-felt, anti-bullying message of thirteen years on the road passionately flowing. The next thing I knew? Everyone in the room stands and claps, and claps, and claps. Wow!

Hearts were touched, live’s we’re blessed…and the applause continued.

What a treat for me and for the Gabe and Izzy mission…to help confront school bullying head on. Kiwanis members were purchasing our books, many approaching me, asking for more story; they didn’t want it to end!

As the meeting drew to a close, the President of the Canandaigua Kiwanis stood and spoke, “we want you booked throughout the Canandaigua Schools!”

All the first hand experience I’ve had in this loving, but often difficult world, have given me the burning passion in my soul for America’s bullied. My message was felt and heard…changing lives for the better.

This makes me very happy!


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