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We keep it simple…

Confront school bullying head-on by engaging, educating, and informing students, parents, teachers, and schools about the detrimental effects of bullying on victims and on society in general; and how all of us working together can create a positive environment to substantially reduce school bullying incidences.

To do this we raise dollars and cents through the sale of Gabe and Rhonda’s two books, Still Dancing and Gabe & Izzy – Standing Up for America’s Bullied and the sale of miscellaneous Gabe & Izzy products. The major part of our funding comes from donations to the Friends of Gabe and Izzy Charity.  Read more about our 501(c)(3) and what we invest in here.

We use these funds to purchase books for school curriculums, libraries…and partnering with ATAXIA.ORG.

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Invite Rhonda to Your School

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Why we do it…

It started with this heartbreaking, but warm and loving must-read story that evolves from the answer to this one astonishing question…who would have ever guessed that a beautiful, young girl and her precious pet dog would each be diagnosed with a progressive muscle disease?

After being seen on a segment of Animal Planet TV, Rhonda, Gabe and their dog Izzy (and ILO, Izzy Lives On) traveled from coast to coast for thirteen years speaking at schools, conferences, clubs, and other events; bringing about a powerful life-changing transformation in the lives of many students.

Their message has been so influential in the lives of students, teachers, and parents, that one bullied student wrote to Gabe and Rhonda sharing their plan to do serious harm to themselves; but changed their mind…and asked Gabe and Rhonda to take their ‘confronting school bullying head-on’ message all over the United States…and all over the world.

Their story has appeared on Animal Planet’s A Pet Story, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s World, The Today Show, Guideposts Magazine, MDA’s Quest Magazine and AKC Family Dog.

Bullying is an issue that, unfortunately, students deal with every day; there is much more work to do on our mission of ‘confronting school bullying head-on’.

The relentless journey educates on…

Sadly, as the books came out, Gabe had a serious accident (in addition to her Ataxia diagnosis at the age of thirteen) and elected to retire from public speaking, but the endless flamed torch continues to burn.

Enter Gabe’s Mom Rhonda, flamed torch in hand!

Sharing her daughter Gabe’s story will continue to bring about positive change; speaking at schools, conferences, clubs and other venues.

Rhonda is no stranger to the stage. Since day one, she’s introduced and closed Gabe & Izzy’s anti-bullying presentations; substantially impacting students with her own heart-felt passion.

Gabe’s written words continue to bring the courageous change in thousands of school students.

Her youth book, Gabe & Izzy…Standing Up for America’s Bullied complies with common core and is written to become a required read in Language Art Classes.

Help Confront School Bullying Head On!

Whether it’s sharing our website with your friends, family, schools and educators, inviting Rhonda to speak at your school or event, or considering a donation of any amount that’s comfortable for you, know that you’re helping keep America’s kids safe.

Thank you so much.

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