What Gabe is Doing Today

Currently, Gabrielle (Gabe) is living in the beautiful Finger Lake area Upstate New York.  She resides with her mother, Rhonda, and a puppy named Lady Lucille. Gabe is currently working on a series of Gabe & Izzy children’s picture book which will be available soon. Gabe loves spending time with Lady Lucille, her mom, a niece, Aurora, and nephew, Brooks, who live close.

Gabe and Izzy were discovered by PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE PUBLISHING while speaking at the International Reading Associations Annual Conference. A year later, a call came in  from President of Penguin Random Publishing requesting Gabe to write a youth book, sharing it was a unanimous decision she has a lot to say to America’s youth. Therefore, she wrote Gabe and Izzy Standing Up for America’s Bullied. Gabe & Izzy: Standing Up for America’s Bullied

Gabrielle was not able to share her book when Penguin Random Publishing releases it. Already in a wheelchair full time, Gabe had a serious accident breaking her leg requiring four surgeries. Then, weeks later, her stepfather who raised her was diagnosed terminal. With that said, Gabrielle and her mom are continuing her message on social media and presenting local school author events.

After traveling fourteen years speaking at schools, conferences, etc. across America, sharing her life changing antibullying message, she sits back today and wonders how they traveled so much, her mom pulling a sixty-pound dog in a wagon through airports, and her in a wheelchair. They were on a mission to help teach empathy and compassion  hoping no other students would endure the years of bullying she endured.

The following is a letter inside her book from a student whose school she visited.

Dear Gabe, (Prevents student from suicide)

You recently visited my high school, Tanque Verde. Your story basically saved my life. Early this week, I was thinking of ending my life. Not due to bullying but because of other reasons. You showed me that life is what you make it and that it can/will get better.

You have given me such a hope and a will to see my bright future. Thank you so much for speaking to us and may you continue spreading your inspiration across the US, across the world. You are a true hero.

Posted by Anonymous on March 4, 10:22 PM

Gabe’s written words continue to bring the courageous change in thousands of school students.