Dominik Hasek & Gabe

Gabe & Dominik Hasek

Gabe is promoting Dominik Hasek's clothing line. Dominik is a former Detroit Red Wing player and has asked Gabe to assist in the promotion of his specialty line of athletic wear.

About Dominator Clothing
"Although the company bears my nickname, and a lot of people will associate my hockey career with it because of this, Dominator Clothing is really about making great quality clothes for active people of all kinds, and encouraging them to challenge themselves with new goals. You can be 12 years old or a 55-year-old grandmother. We are all Dominators in one way or another for what we try to achieve." Dominik Hasek

Dominator Clothing was founded by a man who knows what it means to face a challenge in his own unique way. Dominik Hasek, award winning NHL goaltender recognizes that you don't realize you greatest potential in life by imitating someone else's style. After years of dedicated determination, six Vezina trophies, two Hart trophies, an Olympic Gold medal and a Stanley Cup ring, he continues to bring what the fans expect to the crease and to his clothing line, his best. Visit for the latest news regarding the man known universally as The Dominator.

Gabe & Izzy Featured In Dominator Magazine

Gabe & Izzy were featured in the August 2004 issue of Dominator Magazine