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Gabe & Izzy Articles

Gabe & Izzy have been featured in a number of newspaper and magazine articles. Below are a list of available articles that the publications have given permission for reprinting on Gabe & Izzy's Web site. They are listed in the order of the most recent first.
  • August September 2008: BULLY PULPIT: Gabrielle Ford and Izzy bring message about bullying to teachers, students
    International Reading Associations Magazine
    Gabrielle (Gabe) Ford and her faithful canine companion, Izzy, visit some 50 schools each year to discuss bullying. After the presentations end, Gabe finds herself surrounded by students who want to share... More

  • 4-28-2008: Gabe and Izzy present ‘A Lesson in Bullying’
    Hot Springs Star
    Renowned national youth motivational speaker Gabrielle (Gabe) Ford brought a message of tolerance and anti-bullying to area K-8 students Thursday at Case Auditorium.... More

  • 10-18-2007: Dog, owner battle bullies
    By: Beth Loechler - The Grand Rapids Press
    Gabrielle Ford’s message was twofold: Bullying is bad, but dogs are awesome. Somewhat incongruous, sure, until you hear her story of how bullies at school turned her into a recluse. Only through a near-disaster involving her beloved coonhound Izzy did Ford regain control of her life ... More

  • 3-26-2007: Lesson on life - Speaker, canine share message of tolerance
    By: Patrick Cooley - Troy Daily News
    Kyle Elementary students got a message in bullying from someone who has been deeply affected by it. Gabrielle Ford - and her canine companion, Izzy - talked to Kyle's student body during an assembly Friday afternoon. .... More

  • 2-24-2007: Bullying victim rallies students
    By: Michelle Swartz - Monroe News
    On Friday, Gabrielle Ford found herself in the one place she didn't think she would ever visit again. School. That's because the 26-year-old Fenton resident had been a victim of bullying when she attended junior high and high school. Eventually overcoming her fears, .... More

  • 5-31-06: Not Just Kids Being Kids
    Portage Daily Register :: Local
    It's not your dad's playground anymore, and she's not your mom's bully. Aside from the age-old bullying techniques of physical and verbal intimidation, bullies today have access to the Internet and can post cruel remarks in chat rooms or send belittling text messages to their target's cell phones. But according to staff members at area school districts, the mind-set about bullies is changing, and rather than encouraging targets to simply ignore bullies, teachers are finding ways to educate targets — and bullies — about destructive ... More

  • 3-2006: So quiet you could hear a pin drop say Swartz Creek staff
    By Jennifer Hayward, Swartz Creek, MI
    he staff at both Syring and Dieck Elementary schools experienced a rarity during their last assembly. In the gym, the typically noisy crowd of kids were suddenly mesmerized and sat in complete silence. All because of a special guest speaker and her dog. They are known, as “Gabe and Izzy.” They had come to talk to our Swartz Creek kids about bullying and the effects that it can have on a person, both short and long term.... More

  • 2-08-06: Gabe and Izzy take a “bite” out of bullying
    By Gala White, Contributing Writer - The Argus-Press
    When Gabrielle “Gabe” Ford talks about bullies, the kids listen because she has a compelling story that many of them can relate to—being bullied. The attractive young woman spoke in a soft, sometimes halting voice, as she recently told her story to the students at Durand Middle School... More

  • 11-29-05: Gabe & Izzy teach kids not to bully
    By Edie Grossfield - The Post-Bulletin
    Sitting silent on the gymnasium floor at Bamber Valley Elementary School, eyes focused on the woman in the wheelchair before them, about 360 fourth- and fifth-grade students listened to a heart-wrenching personal account of what it's like to be bullied at school.... More

  • A Lesson In Bullying
    By Rene Rosencrantz - The Flint Journal
    Bruises on her legs spoke when Gabrielle Ford didn't want to. The then-Lake Fenton High School student, now 23, could only tell the truth when her mother asked where the bruises had come from.... More

  • 3-2004: Family Dog Magazine
    By Elizabeth Hendrickson - Family Dog Magazine
    Just think of Gabrielle Ford as the caterpillar who turned into the butterfly. And while you're at it, consider her 3-year-old Black and Tan Coonhound, Izzy, to be the cocoon that made the amazing transformation possible... More