School Classroom Sponsor Program

Together, side by side.

Help the Friends of Gabe and Izzy maintain awareness of school bullying in classrooms across the country; one hour, one day, one year at a time … from middle schools to high schools, teachers to educators, and administrators to communities.

Just how will you and Friends of Gabe & Izzy do this?

By sponsoring a school classroom (YOUR CHOICE OF SCHOOL) with the purchase of Rhonda, Gabe & Izzy’s ‘STILL DANCING’… Ridding the World of Bullies One School at a Time book; a rallying cry for recognizing bullying’s lifelong impact.

Gabe Ford suffered bullies’ torments for years while facing a devastating illness. One special love pulled her out of her depression and isolation.

Her inspirational journey will remind you that anything is possible.

Here’s how easily the School Classroom Sponsor Program works.

Simply purchase books for a school or classroom of your choice and we’ll pack, ship and deliver on your behalf.

Make sure you check the ‘Ship to different address box’ in your cart at checkout as well as input the persons’ name you’re shipping to, not yours.

Your investment works in quadruple overtime.

  2. Second, because Friends of Gabe and Izzy Charity is a 501 (c) (3), you have the option to deduct your investment from your income tax filing.
  3. Third, you’ll save dollars by using our Bulk Purchase Program (requires a 10 book minimum purchase).  Visit here to view the offer and take advantage of our Bulk Purchase Program.
  4. You’re purchasing books for a school of YOUR CHOICE, not ours.

Please consider yourself a major influence confronting school bullying head on … BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Let’s start educating the students, teachers, administrators and local communities across the country; with focus on student and teacher challenges of dealing with AND DEFEATING school bullying in their schools today. 

Thank you so much.