Youth Speaker :: School Bullying & Violence

Gabe at anti-bullying speaking engagement

Gabe & Izzy are accepting speaking engagements at schools across the country. Their message, “A Lesson in Bullying,” shares Gabe’s personal challenges that she encountered during her years in school. This presentation is appropriate for grades K-12.

Gabe and Izzy, of the TV show, Animal Planet's Pet Story, are now speaking out against school bullying and violence.

Teachers are incorporating these tools with anti-bullying units being studied in their schools. For the school agenda, please see: School Speaking Agenda. To book Gabe and Izzy to speak at your school, please contact Rhonda Hillman at 810-373-4043 or 810-877-9973 or e-mail: for more details.

About Gabe & Izzy

Gabe and her canine companion, Izabel (Izzy) have reached celebrity status with the current special documentary on TV’s Animal Planet television network “A Pet Story” entitled Izzy and Gabe , as well as another documentary called “People and Pets Common Disease,” with premier neuro-veterinarian Dr. Diane Shelton, UCSD. Gabe and Izzy are featured on the cover of the MDA Quest Magazine August 2004. Both Gabe and Izzy fight muscle disease.

Gabe and Izzy Help Make Schools A Safer Place by Bringing Awareness To Students.

One boy wrote to Gabe…. I am known as a touch macho kid and have bullied others, but after hearing you speak I will NEVER BULLY ANYONE.

As a result of school bullying, Gabe became ashamed of herself causing her to hid from her hometown as her disease progressed. It has taken Gabe years to over come her fears of running into classmates who made fun of her. Bulling has a long-term effect and Gabe is now speaking out AGAINST SCHOOL BULLYING.

During her school years, Gabe tried to hide her feelings and would not talk for years about how she was bullied. The bruises on her legs spoke when she would not. Today, she is speaking out to educate students making our schools a safer place.

Gabe & Izzy encourage each school to implement a school policy with a name attached to it. This gives a visual picture to students of someone who has visited their school. Gabe and Izzy hope this image will help remind kids remember how hurtful it is to bully making your school bully free.

Gabe and Izzy - Against School Bullying

One student told Gabe, "You can hear and read about school bullying, but after meeting you it really had an affect on me. I will never bully anyone".