Gabe & Izzy Voice For America’s Bullied supported by Eukanuba National Dog Show

Gabe And Izzy, a video from the 2013 AKC / Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Orlando, Florida. December 14th & December 15th, 2013.

Gabe And Izzy, a video from the AKC / Eukanuba National …

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Gabe and Izzy Voice for America’s Bullied on Rhett Palmer Show

 GABE AND IZZY  Voice for America’s Bullied
OCT. 30th, at 9:00 AM
WAXE/WZTA 1370 AM/107.9 FM

Gabe & Izzy: Standing Up for America's Bullied

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Gabe & Izzy … America’s Voice For The Bullied (Penguin Random House Publishing)

Pre order for gifts / wrap book description / a gift to look forward to /shipped to you March 13, 2014\get-attachment.aspx

The moving, true story of the young woman dubbed “The Voice of America’s Bullied”; how her bond with her dog, Izzy, changed her life; and their mission to help break the cycle of bullying.

In middle school, Gabrielle “Gabe” Ford developed a degenerative muscle disease, and was harassed by bullies as a result. She did her best to keep her head high, but it wasn’t easy. Then Gabe got a dog, Izzy, who developed an uncannily similar disorder. They were invited to appear on Animal Planet to talk about their bond, which in turn led to an invitation to speak at a school. And so began Gabe’s career as an anti-bullying advocate. Dubbed “The Voice of America’s Bullied” by the Huffington Post, Gabe now makes a career of public speaking and has received numerous honors for her hard work. Here is her amazing story—from her lowest days dealing with various challenges, to the unbelievable and immediate bond with Izzy, to her ongoing mission to put an end to bullying, one school at a time.

Includes resources and tips for readers, plus a color insert of photographs!

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Gabe & Izzy sign book deal big six PENGUIN PUBLISHING.

Gabrielle Ford, renowned anti-bullying speaker and her dog Izzy have traveled to school across America for eleven years. Gabe travels by wheelchair and for many years Izzy in a wagon taking her anti-bullying message to students.

Penguin Publishing learned about Gabe & Izzy, contacated Gabe and a contract was signed this week. Gabe is excited about this book, knowing it will prevent millions of students from being bullied, and her dog Izzy will live on forever long after she is gone.

Gabe was the keynote speaker at the Delta Kappa Gamma State Convention last year in Eugene, Oregon and was titled,  AMERICA’S VOICE FOR THE BULLIED for her eleven year plus endless effort her eleven effort preventing bullying.

Gabe has an extraordinary story, almost magical and it has stopped hundreds of students from bullying and being bullied.

One student wrote

Dear Gabe,
You recently visited my high school, Tanque Verde. Your story basically saved my life. Early this week, I was thinking of ending my life. Not due to bullying but because of other reasons. You showed me that life is what you make it and that it can/will get better. You have given me such a hope and a will to see my bright future. Thank you so much for speaking to us and may you continue spreading your inspiration across the US, across the world. You are a true hero.

Gabe message is powerful, and multidimensional. It will change your life forever. For more information contact for bookings at your event.

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America’s Voice for the Bullied to be featured in Woman’s World Magazine MARCH 4-11th, 2013

Gabe and Izzy live on: Nationally recognized anti-bullying advocate Gabrielle Ford gets new companion, feature in Woman’s World Magazine and signs book contract with PENGUIN Publishing!

Available on Newsstands the week of MARCH 4-11 th, 2013 / scroll down for to read story from MLive
By Chris Aldridge | 

Gabrielle Ford.pngGabrielle Ford reacts to receiving her new coonhound companion to be named “ILO” — an acronym for “Izzy Lives On,” honoring her former dog Izzy that died in 2009.Courtesy photo

FENTON, MI – It all started with a girl named Gabrielle Ford and a coonhound dog named Izzy.

Ford, 32, and Izzy, began touring the country together more than 10 years ago. Traveling to schools across the nation, Ford would speak to students about her experiences in being bullied, and it wasn’t long until her message and influence had been recognized nationally, gaining attention from Animal Planet, the Today Show and USA Network.

But the journey reached a critical point when Izzy died in 2009.

“When it happened, you can never really prepare yourself,” Ford, a former Fenton resident, said. “It was good for her because she was no longer going to suffer.”

At first, Ford explained Izzy’s death to students who may have been hoping to see the dog at schools she visited. She remembers crying a few times during the explanation, but said it had gotten easier.

“When she wasn’t there, I kind of felt naked or like there was a void,” Ford said. “(Izzy) comforts me but I’m sure it also comforts students.”

Ford had been diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare genetic disease, when she was 12 years old. She began slurring her words and would eventually require a wheelchair as her muscles weakened. Her dog, Izzy, had suffered from muscular dystrophy – a disease similar to Ford’s.

On Friday, Feb. 15, for perhaps the first time in 21 years living with the debilitating disease, Ford seemed to have less of problem in slurring her words than actually finding the right ones to say as she met her new dog.

“I just don’t know what to say,” Ford said between long pauses and laughter. “We’re going to have to do some puppy training.”

ILO was flown in from Ohio on Friday, Feb. 15, as a surprise gift from her mother Rhonda Hillman and Bob Urban of Ohio, who was the owner of Izzy’s mother. Ford will continue her trek both nationwide and internationally with ILO, whose name is an acronym for “Izzy Lives On.”

“This girl has a gift to reach to these kids,” Hillman said. “She’s a very simple, grounded girl who understands what it’s like.”

Ford understands bullying all too well, having being a victim for five years. It started in eighth grade, when students would mock her slurred words, call her ugly, trip and even hit and bruise her.

It reached a breaking point at her high school graduation in Lake Fenton. She had fallen on the way to get her diploma and students began criticizing yet again. Ford locked herself in her home for years thereafter as a result.

“That devastated her,” Hillman said. “It hasn’t been easy on her, but she’s not one to feel sorry for herself.”

Hillman said Ford would always maintain independence during her time spent in isolation, crawling down to the basement in her home to do laundry and up and down stairs to her bedroom.

gabe stage.jpgFord speaks to students in Hershey, Penn., at Milton Hershey High School in September 2012.

Hillman said Ford has come a long way since those days, and now parasails and even bungee jumps.

“She lived a miserable life until she stopped caring about what other people thought,” Hillman said.”It’s been an incredible journey that we’ve been on.”

Gabe and ILO hope to return home to Michigan in March to visit Clarkston High School.

Ford’s book “Still Dancing” documents the journey with Izzy across the country, her rare disease and battles with depression and isolation. She will be releasing another book due out by Christmas 2013 titled “Gabe and Izzy: Amerca’s Voice for the Bullied,” to be published by Penguin Group, the second largest trade book publisher in the world.

To find out more about Gabe and Izzy, visit the website here.

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USA TV Network winner Gabrielle Ford

This summer, Gabrielle (Gabe) Ford will be acknowledged during a hometown award ceremony in Fenton, MI for her eleven year effort to prevent school bullying, and will receive a $5,000 grant from USA Network and participating local MVPDs. The grant will support her Friends of Gabe & Izzy nonprofit organization to further her anti-bullying campaign. Additionally, Gabe will be featured on-air in a PSA and online at

Read the whole story here: CHARACTERS UNITE AWARD WINNERS


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Welcome to Gabe in the News!

Welcome to Gabe in the News!  This is Gabe’s new News Blog that will help us get the word out. Please check back often as we will be posting news, upcoming events and breaking news here!


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