Gabe & Izzy

Inspirational Speaker

Speaking Agenda For Schools, Conferences and Community Events

Gabrielle Ford’s inspirational message has helped parents, teachers, schools and communities across the country fight bullying head on. Your group can experience firsthand the positive energy that attracted Animal Planet, The Today Show and Cosmopolitan magazine to Gabe’s amazing story.

She’ll cover:

  • Her five years being bullied multiple times per day and the effect

  • If you’re bullied: How to speak up

  • If you’re the bully: Recognize your behavior and stop

  • Tips for bully-free schools

While Gabe will customize her presentations for a group’s needs, this agenda provides an outline used for many presentations.

  1. Before Presentation Day: Prior to Gabe’s visit, your group will receive a DVD to review -- Animal Planet's TV Pet Story, “Izzy and Gabe” (25 minutes). The DVD will be mailed to schools and groups before her visit as an introduction to Gabe and Izzy’s amazing journey. The story teaches empathy, understanding and compassion, elements Gabe believes are missing in kids who habitually bully. The story introduces students to their speaker and gives them time to process bullying’s impact before the presentation day.

  2. Presentation Day: Meet Gabe. Gabe shares her experiences as a bullying survivor and how she and Izzy have traveled together for more than eight years to educate communities about bullying. Gabe's presentation focuses on accepting others’ differences and the long-term effect bullying can have on its targets. It’s not unusual for students to apologize to those they have bullied after the assembly.

  3. Presentation Day: Questions and Answers. After Gabe’s presentation, audience members will have a chance to ask specific questions regarding situations they have faced. Gabe will customize her advice to those challenges facing a particular school or community.

  4. Presentation Day: Video (3.37 minutes) – Attendees will view a video summary of Gabe and Izzy’s presentations at schools and conferences throughout the country.

  5. Presentation Day: A Mother’s Perspective. Rhonda Kay Hillman, Gabe's mother, will share how bullying impacts the parent of a bullied child.

  6. Presentation Day: Saying Hello. To close the assembly, students will line up single file to say "Hello" to Gabe in person. Many will share stories and ask her questions face-to-face that they couldn’t voice in front of their fellow students and teachers.

Presentation materials

To prepare for the presentation, please have the following available: a large screen, an LCD Image projector with sound or speakers, and 1-2 microphones for presentation and 1 table.


“I thought that the presentation would be just another “No bullying” or “Stay drug-free” assembly but this was different. I liked hearing from someone who actually knew what she was talking about.”
--Hayley, a student, after an assembly

"Your presentation was exactly what our kids needed to hear, and I wasn’t the only one with teary eyes after watching your video. Now we have an excellent reference point when we are talking to our students about bullying: “Remember when Gabe and Izzy came to talk to us … ?” You will certainly make a difference in the lives of many of our students."
--Nancy, an educator, after an assembly

“Today I met Gabrielle and Izzy . . . and my life is changed. In my 30 years of teaching, I have never been as inspired as I was today by anyone. I will cherish the picture my school took of Gabe, Izzy and me. It will remind me of what real strength and determination is all about.” --Linda, an educator, after an assembly

“I just wanted to let you know, that after you came to our school there were so many “sorrys” going through the hallway. You have inspired us all to do the right thing and stop bullying. The school is much better now ever since you came.” --Jayla, a student and former bully, after an assembly

“My heart was touched, my eyes were opened and I have changed the way I act.” --A student and former gang member, after an assembly

For more testimonials, read the thousands of letters from students and teachers who write to Gabe after each presentation on her online guest book,


  1. Gabe’s autobiography, Still Dancing, will be available for purchase for parents and educators who would like to know more about Gabe’s unique journey. The book is a helpful follow-up to the assembly, as it tells in detail Gabe’s journey from an aspiring dancer with a devastating disease to a caretaker for a canine friend who changes her life. The book shares the challenges she faced targeted by her fellow students and provides resources for educators, parents and children. The book will be available to students and staff the day of the assembly for the discounted price of $20.

  2. Gabe and Izzy have T-shirts available for purchase on the website, with Izzy and a “No School Bullying” message on the front ( In some cases, staff may like to order the T-shirts prior to Gabe and Izzy’s visit, so that students and teachers can wear them the day of the assembly.

  3. Please contact for fees and traveling expenses.

  4. Monies from all sales of T-shirts go toward Gabe & Izzy publications to create future educational and inspirational books and resources for parents, children and schools.